I focus on reclamation, and the breakdown of each individual object. After stripping each component of their utilitarian purpose, I create a cold connection and search for a natural union. Before any manipulation is used, I allow the shape, texture, movement and connection to expose the stories hidden within.



Silas Finch is a storyteller that prefers not to speak, an immortalizer of the objects he is obsessed with collecting. Originally from Cape Cod Massachusetts, he now resides in Portland Oregon. The son of an antiques restorer and dealer, he is entirely self-taught in his artistic practice. For Silas, the greatest challenge in sculpture is to be simple, “to strip something down to its last component.” He looks for a story inside the materials he chooses, and his journeys for objects take him deep into the recesses of human culture and natural history. Abandoned carnival shelving and hinges become birds in flight over a cloudy seaside landscape. A World War II parachute is pinned into form to project a 20 foot-long wearable dress. The footbeds of antique high-heeled shoes are painstakingly inlaid with wild thorns. “I’m more influenced by the art of craftsmanship, something that I feel has gotten lost in the pop culture of today.” His methods of assembly often predate welding or adhesives. “I prefer to find a natural connection, a cold connection [between objects], a balance between the two.” Open to all materials and knowledge, he doesn’t paint objects, but manipulates their texture and shade by layering with varnish, urethane, wax, paper and string. Viewing his sculptures, we are reminded of the multiple narratives that life suggests and the stories that every object silently contains.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  written by Harts Gallery

In addition to sculpture, Silas has been a guest teacher and instructor for a variety of public and private schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  He is also a conservation assistant for Conserve-Art LLC. When Silas is not working on a sculpture, teaching an 8th grade class, or restoring a historical monument, you can find him clinging to the side of a cliff at a local crag, or gearing up for the Shawgunks with his favorite partners Samantha and Rye.


Curriculum Vitae


2017: Perceptual Paradox, Christopher Brodigan Gallery, Groton, MA

2017: The Apex, Hygenic Gallery, New London, CT

2017: Colony Collapse, Hygenic Gallery, New London, CT

2017: Push Art, Point Green Studio, New York, NY

2017: Scavengers, Ordinary, New Haven, CT

2016: Art of the Corsair, Corsair Building, New Haven, CT

2016: Found, Harts Gallery, New Milford, CT

2016: Art Beat, Salt Box Gallery, West Hartford, CT

2015: Silas Finch Sculpture, DaSilva Gallery, New Haven, CT

2015: Searching For the Mother Load, Woodman Shimko Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2015: Unison, Woodman Shimko Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2015: Deft Collective, Retro Fit Creations, Carefree, AZ

2015: Art in the Park, Hungerton Park, New Britain, CT

2015: One Step Beyond, Fountain House Gallery, New York, NY

2014: Silas Finch Solo Works, Cassandra Complex Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2014: Collection, Grove Street Studios, New Haven, CT

2014: Doll Like, John Slade, Ely House Gallery, New Haven, CT

2014: FTS Gallery, Stratford, CT

2013: Cold Connection, Farm Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

2012: Street Diamonds II, Fourth Wall Projects Gallery, Boston, MA

2012: Silas Finch Sculpture, DeCastellane Gallery, Dennisport, MA

2012: Eulogy, Helltown Workshop, Provincetown, MA

2012: Perceptual Paradox, Hope Gallery, New Haven, CT

2012: Rules of Conversion, Haskins Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, CT

2012: Local Builders, A-Space Gallery, West Haven, CT

2012: Family Haunts, Institute Library, New Haven, CT

2012: Context, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

2012: Beyond the Gate, Art Space, Hartford, CT

2011: Bang the Drum- Energy and Environmental Exhibition, Union Station Great Hall, Hartford, CT

2011: Afloat, Christopher C. Brodigan Gallery, Groton, MA

2011: Works From Found Objects, Keator Gallery, Hopkins School, New Haven, CT

2011: Art of the Independent, Gallery at Upcrown Studio, New Haven, CT

2011: The Guy Show, Art Place Gallery, Fairfield, CT

2011: Art of the Film: My Brother Jack, Kehler Liddel Gallery, New Haven, CT

2010: 61st Annual Art of the Northeast, Silvermine Gallery, New Cannan, CT

2010: Vessels, Corduroy Gallery, Portland, ME

2010: Silas Finch Sculpture, Orchard Gallery, Boston, MA

2009: 60th Annual Art of the Northeast, New Canaan, CT

2009: RE-ART, MAC 650 Gallery, Middletown, CT

2009: New Members Show, Silvermine Gallery, New Canaan, CT

2009: Essence and Artifact, Hulls One Whitney, New Haven, CT

2009: Heavy Metal, New Haven Arts, Council, New Haven, CT

2008: Identity Theft, Guilford Arts Center, Guilford, CT

2008: Conn Centric, Art Space, New Haven, CT

2007: Fragments, Channel One Gallery, New Haven, CT

2007: Silas Finch Sculpture, Orchard Art Space, Boston, MA

2006: Found Object Alchemy, Day One Art Space, Bridgeport, CT

2005: Assemblages, Harvest Gallery, Dennis, MA